Our upcoming webinar with Strategy in Action, we will be mapping strategic journeys from vision to value and teaching leaders how to set and execute a successful strategy for their organisation to empower sustainable growth and scale. The webinar will demonstrate the importance of driving strategic thinking within teams and building a culture where strategy is not viewed as a one-time activity, but as a continuous and iterative process. Read more below. 

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Why is strategy so challenging? 

We live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Constant disruptions impose distinct challenges for even the most ambitious organisations to define a clear growth path.

No one knows their strategy, not even top leaders. Research shows that only 51% of top management can list its organisation’s top three strategic priorities. This number only decreases with business leaders further down the organisational hierarchy.

Execution is a people problem, not a strategy problem. More than 90% of organisations fail to execute their strategies successfully. Strategic plans often take great amounts of time and effort but are developed in isolation by senior leaders. Therefore, there is a lack of commitment and ownership by the most important stakeholders – those who will implement it

How do we guide your strategy definition & execution?

Establishing an effective business strategy can be challenging, stopping you from setting and delivering on your goals. 
Through the fusion of NextWave and SIA, the Strategy in Action Programme helps you to build and execute your strategy to empower sustainable growth and scale, offering strategy not as a one-time activity, but as a continuous and iterative process. 

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Our strategic focus areas include:  

  • Stakeholder alignment: Effective stakeholder management should not be underestimated when you embark on a new strategy or a change in direction. We have extensive experience of dealing with C-level stakeholders and can help align the senior team.
  • Governance: You will need an effective governance structure to oversee the execution of your strategy, including programme plans and processes. We can support your existing PMO teams to put this in place or set up a new Programme Office for you.

  • Portfolio alignment: Embarking on a new strategy will require changes to your existing initiatives. Our experts can review your current portfolio and recommend how this is adjusted to align to your strategy. This includes starting or stopping initiatives.

  • Comprehensive Planning: We use industry-leading tools and methodologies to ensure that your customised planning process is efficient and effective. Our goal is to provide you with a clear and concise plan that outlines the scope of the project, the resources required, the timeline, and the expected outcomes. 

  •  Risks & Issues: Our extensive experience of delivering large scale transformation enables us to identify risks and issues early and ensure that these are highlighted to senior stakeholders. Taking mitigating actions early can prevent costly mistakes.

  • Accelerators: Delivering a strategy usually takes several years. NextWave’s accelerators can help you generate quick wins. These accelerators include established and emerging Fintech solutions. Our team will provide ongoing support throughout the project.


    How can you set and deliver a successful strategy?

    In our upcoming webinar, in partnership with Strategy in Action (SIA), we will show you how to set and execute a successful strategy for your organisation to empower sustainable growth and scale – offering strategy not as a one-time activity, but as a continuous and iterative process. 


Moving forward...

The biggest challenge for FS firms is knowing how to effectively leverage technology and data at pace to stay relevant and to get ahead.

We would love to hear from you for an informal chat about your goals and to share some approaches to delivering enterprise business solutions and transformation faster, cheaper and more effectively.

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Maya Kokerov
Post by Maya Kokerov
April 18, 2024
Maya is NextWave's Digital Marketing Lead. She is a published journalist with two first-class degrees from Warwick and LSE. She has experience in copywriting, website design, pr and marketing across industries including fintech, agritech, nanotechnology and sustainability.