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We help our clients navigate and solve their most pressing challenges, from ESG to Capital Resolution, Digital and Cross-jurisdiction Regulatory & Risk programmes. Our senior team (ex CIO, CDO, MD level from major FS firms) has deep industry experience for rapid diagnostic, problem-solving and complex engagements. 

Successful transformation requires a clear understanding of the business goals and objectives of each project, strong leadership and sponsorship support and effective project management. The use of agile methodologies and strong change management practices, together with a well-defined governance structure to manage risks and ensure regulatory compliance is key.

Effective communication and collaboration across stakeholders, including internal teams and external vendors, is critical for a high performing team and a successful delivery within budget and timescales.

Common challenges facing C-Suite Executives

Successful transformation delivery is the result of a well planned and co-ordinated execution of multiple initiatives towards a common set of business goals and objectives.

I am running a large transformation programme, how do I deliver it?
  • Spend time on the programme planning stage to build a plan for each initiative together with an overarching roadmap

  • Build your resource plan early and identify internal and 

  • Consider using portfolio delivery tools such as Strategyworks to structure and control your multi-initiative book of work
I have multiple transformation initiatives in flight & planned, where can I get the skilled teams to deliver?
  • Plan ahead with a roadmap and resource forecast for your priority projects and share that early with your internal sponsors and your external partners

  • Form strategic delivery partnerships with specialised suppliers who can provide the project team and SME capacity to take on some of your key projects and who can integrate with your team to provide on-demand delivery capacity

  • Start early on establishing a skilled Centre of Excellence ('COE') for key platforms in order to ramp up internal capacity (you can use suppliers to jump-start this initiative and transition to your internal team)

What acceleration approaches are available to me for my programme?​

  • Plan out and build common services and components that can be re-used and leveraged across multiple business functions

  • Choose the right tools and technology to allow rapid build out of connected and data driven solutions
  • Use an Agile delivery methodology to facilitate early deliver of business benefits and flexibility to adjust to changing priorities
How do I enable a high performing transformation team?
  • Focus on the human aspects of change early and throughout the programme - consider performance coaching, resilience and change skills

  • Secure sponsorship and endorsement at the outset so that the team can orient around a clear set of communicated objectives

  • Design your organisation to leverage the strengths of your team and to remove obstacles & blockers
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate - and celebrate success

Case Studies

Our clients have realised development improvements and transformed their timelines, speeding up their processes.


Entity stand-up of the financial markets business of a major UK bank in the Netherlands

Transformation | Financial Markets & Banks

Working with a major bank to off-board all clients as part of a controlled-wind down

Transformation | Banks

Operating & Controls model for cross border business

Transformation | Banks

Review and recommendation – advisory role for a listed financial services company

Transformation | Fintech

A world leader of post trade services seeking replacement of a credit risk assessment system

Transformation | Banks & Fintech

Wholesale lending transformation delivery and a case of product improvement

Transformation | Banks & Fintech

Methodologies - The Nexus Strategy Playbook

NextWave’s unique delivery methodology – the Nexus playbook, contains the process steps and deliverables we use to develop and execute a strategy.


Rapidly identify current state – business objectives/pain points & opportunities, stakeholders, organisation, processes, data, technology.


Definition of target state business footprint, capabilities and requirements, business targets & KPIs, solution concepts & roadmaps.


Identify, evaluate & choose from business case & solution options, deployment approaches, service designs & implementation plans.


Business case & delivery plan detail – services, solution, technology, data, operating model detail architecture & design.


Service & product build – data, application and infrastructure integrations & testing. Deployment & operation.


Benefits realisation & KPI measurement. Backlog and next phase opportunity review & prioritisation. Lessons learnt. Communicate & leverage.

Learn more about the NextWave methodology

Our transformation focus areas

We help our clients deliver effective transformation with a focus on these strategic areas


Industry transformation & innovation

We have teams delivering change for some of the worlds largest financial institutions. We are working with a number of our clients to successfully deliver large-scale digital transformation in areas including Regulation, Risk, Finance, Operations and Compliance.  See our case studies for some examples.



Efficiency, Risk & Control

Delivering data and technology-enabled solutions for Controls, Regulatory reporting, KYC, Fraud, Client onboarding, AML, Underwriting, Operations and many more, with a focus on delivering business outcomes over and above the implementation of the underlying tools.

003-clean energy

Sustainable finance

We are helping our clients mobilise complete ESG focused programs, providing expertise in programme and project management as well as data sourcing and stress testing. We have a partnership with The London Institute of Banking & Finance to offer training to executives world-wide.​ Read more


Global Regulatory Initiatives (e.g. Brexit)

Definition and delivery of complex regulatory programmes, often covering multiple countries and functions, from business case to full execution. We have an extensive understanding of Brexit, the implications and The Netherlands as a new home for EU focused business.

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Our experts

Our team have a deep understanding of large scale organisational transformation and will provide your business with innovative solutions that drive business growth. They have deep expertise in implementing strategies to optimise business processes, enhance customer experience, accelerating financial reporting and analysis to enable better financial management and decision-making, and drive growth. With a focus on technological innovation, our consultants are skilled in leveraging digital solutions to streamline operations and create value for clients in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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