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We work with our multi-award-winning technology partners to design, build and deliver outstanding business results

Financial service firms must leverage technology to compete at pace

Every business is digitising – how do firms identify and effectively orchestrate ‘future stack’ business solutions for client & competitive advantage?

New fintech approaches are driving the need for a new consultancy model

The new market requires a customer-centric consulting approach free of legacy structures and traditional models, which can effectively leverage the fintech ecosystem.

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Our Technology Partners


Appian is a recognised global leader in multiple enterprise technology markets. Markets called intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS), dynamic case management (DCM), digital process automation (DPA) and low-code development.

How we work with Appian

We are the 2020 and 2021 Appian Innovation Award winners. We work with Appian and other technology partners to develop new solutions, at pace and at low cost for our banking clients.  Using an Agile approach, we aim to deliver real value to clients within 12 weeks.


  • Low code software development
  • Digital strategy
  • Appian delivery team reviews
  • Digital engineering and delivery expertise
  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • Bespoke solution design and development


The company powering analytics automation, Alteryx enables everyone to deliver breakthrough outcomes with analytics automation.

The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes that accelerate digital transformation.

Breakthroughs don’t just happen. They come from people dedicated to finding answers that drive change. Alteryx signature ease of use and low-code, no-code technology gives your team everything they need to start solving your organisation’s toughest questions.

  • Easy to use
  • Unified platform 
  • Advanced capabilities 
  • Scalable for the enterprise 
  • Automate every step of processes 
  • Supportive communities


Revolutionise your decision-making with Quantexa.

Quantexa is the leading decision intelligence platform that helps organisations identify and connect key relationships, enabling them to protect, optimise, and grow their business.

Maximise your business potential with NextWave, the trusted Quantexa Alliance Partner. Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in delivering Risk & Compliance, Master Data Management, KYC (Know Your Client), TBML (Trade Based Money Laundering) and Customer Intelligence Solutions to unlock the full potential of your data.



  • Identify opportunities and reduce risk
  • Unify data at scale
  • Build a 360 view of your customer 
  • Create and visualise insights in real time
  • Build once, use many times
  • Quick time to value


Celonis is the global leader in execution management. The Celonis Execution Management System provides companies a modern way to run their business processes entirely on data and intelligence. We pioneered the process mining category 10 years ago when we first developed the ability to automatically X-ray processes and find inefficiencies.

  • Process mining
  • Automation & RPA
  • System migration
  • Low code accelerator


Genesis enables financial market organisations to innovate at speed through a low-code platform that supercharges developers to build resilient, performant and secure applications with unmatched efficiency and scale. Genesis provides freedom from legacy and replaces the buy vs. build challenge with a buy-to-build solution.

  • Supercharges developers with reusable components, dev tools, and documentation.
  • Built with modern technologies, including cloud platforms, APIs, and open source
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Highly composable and customisable components


Transform the way you work with regulation with Kaizen’s multi-award winning RegTech solutions.

Kaizen Reporting’s mission is to make working with regulation easier for clients and the industry, whether it’s researching and tracking rules or improving the quality of regulatory reporting.

  • ReportShield™ – Assurance services for regulatory reporting

  • Used by 150+ global clients
  • Improve the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of your regulatory reporting
  • Single rulebook – regulation on one digital platform 

  • Shareholding disclosure service – to comply with global disclosure rules

  • MiFID,  EMIR, SFTR CFTC or another  G20 regulation


RequirementONE is an apps-based platform focused on helping our clients collaborately manage regulatory change and their non financial risks.  

From Horizon Scanning to Requirements Management and publishing regulatory updates, organisation-wide, RequirementONE enables our clients to really be on top of regulation and to be able to effectively demonstrate compliance to regulators, quickly and with the minimum of work.

  • Regulatory Horizon Scanning
  • Compliance Management
  • Change Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Regulatory Communications
  • Regulatory Publisher

solidatus logo

Solidatus empowers organisations to effectively map, manage and monetize their key asset – data.  Businesses across the world are dealing with complex data points and the lineage-first approach championed by Solidatus is transforming the data management industry.

  • Used by top tier global financial firms
  • Track data through your entertprise 
  • Drive business intelligence, digital transformation and regulatory compliance
  • Transparency – 360 view of data flows
  • A cloud native data management platform 
  • Brings clarity and collaboration to your organisation 


Unlock the power of AI for business users and data analysts. Squirro provides customers with the right information at the right moment at the right place – automatically. They do this by enabling our customers to turn unstructured data into relevant insights and practical actions. Thus Squirro is becoming a critical component of companies in their quest to get the right insights at the right time and act on them. This is called Augmented Intelligence, to point to the fact that we augment humans in doing their jobs better.

  • Activate your data
  • Quickly gain relevant insights using The Squirro Insight Engine
  • Create and train your own ML models
  • Turn unused data into actionable insights


Suade harnesses the wisdom of the community to empower financial institutions with transformational technology. Regulatory intelligence that empowers users at every layer of the process, combined with cutting edge tools to help users focus on understanding data and regulations rather than making reports.

  • Open-source format (FIRE standard)
  • Predefined, market standard taxonomy
  • Regular template updates per jurisdiction
  • A cost-effective way of dealing with regulatory reporting across multiple locations
  • The building large data sets/data augmentation, fast
  • Improved Machine Learning models


The Synthesized platform provides fast self-service data access that helps break data silos and enables the development and testing of all data-driven initiatives in a compliant manner within an organisation and with 3rd parties by means of data clean rooms.

  • Accelerated data-led innovation
  • Guaranteed data privacy
  • Data compliance
  • Removal of data bias
  • The building large data sets/data augmentation, fast
  • Improved Machine Learning models
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