Our Quantexa Services

Transform your business with decision intelligence, reimagine how you can drive your business, reduce risk and serve customers

Empowering better business decisions

Our Quantexa Services are designed to help you unlock and harness your data’s potential, using Decision Intelligence Solutions to enable robust risk management and drive value creation.

Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) supports three core, integrated services.

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Platform Delivery

  • Platform Engineering
    • Engineers, tech leads and architects to implement out-of-the-box features and tailored solutions, applying best practices

  • Structured delivery approach 
    • Comprehensive support from 'Proof of Concept’ through to full use case implementation

  • Co-Delivery
    • Our qualified and experienced practitioners excel at efficient delivery and creating a culture of acceleration

Sustained Support

  • Client COE journey
    • Empowering the transition towards a self-sustaining Centre of Excellence (COE) with continuous focus on technical and end-user proficiency

  • Optimisation
    • Advise on tuning assessments, optimisation strategy and undertake remediation e.g., entity resolution and scoring tuning

  • Platform updates
    • Advising on the timely adoption of new technical and end-user features


  • Masterclass library 
    • Leverage NextWave SME knowledge through a series of masterclasses

  • Active coaching
    • 1-2-1 & Team Focussed services on offer - tailored specifically with the client's maturity strategy

  • Continuous assessment 
    • Enable clients to achieve long-term self-sufficiency through cultivating a highly skilled Quantexa team through continual assessment of maturity

Achieving self sufficiency

Becoming proficient in Quantexa starts with these four steps. The entire value proposition of self sufficiency is becoming self reliant as well as achieving better and faster outcomes.

1. Maturity

We have designed our maturity assessment framework to effectively evaluate your organisation's level of maturity using extensive technical and business criteria.

Whether you are new to Quantexa, or have an established platform, we’re committed to helping you understand how to reach the next level of your understanding.

2. Capability

Through our comprehensive maturity assessment, we ascertain your organisation’s maturity level and formulate a strategic approach for optimising resource allocation. Additionally, we establish tailored experience and learning pathways to enhance organisational development and address critical areas.

3. Capability

The journey towards maturity is a unique path, with the concept of ‘maturity’ holding different meanings to different organisations. We begin by helping you to establish clear objectives, chart an activity roadmap, and implement continuous monitoring to track progress, acknowledge achievements, and milestones. 

Ultimately, our goal is to empower your organisation and earn the right to be considered for future value creation.

4. Self

Our goal is to empower organisations to enhance their Quantexa proficiency, enabling greater self-reliance and reduced dependence on external service providers.
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Solution experts



Our Quantexa experts

Our team of technology and business solution experts are fully Quantexa certified, with extensive experience in delivering numerous Quantexa use-case solutions. They possess an in-depth understanding of establishing and delivering end-to-end outcomes, and they are at the forefront of leveraging the latest Quantexa data processing and scoring features. Our collective experience ensures that we not only maximise the potential of Quantexa but also define and achieve the highest standards of excellence to achieve our client's goals.

The team is highly successful in unlocking data assets and delivering decision intelligence-led insight. Our agile approach to creating value is underpinned by our broad digital acceleration capability and innovation culture.

We are here to help you succeed.


Phil Sturmer

Global Quantexa Practice Lead & Partner (UK)

Phil has a rich background working with both buy-side and sell-side institutions, as well as top-tier consulting firms, and has extensive experience in capital markets.

At NextWave, Phil is the Global Head of NextWave’s Quantexa Partnership and co-leads the UK Data Practice. Phil has a successful record of establishing and expanding digital and data ecosystem partnerships, collaborating with leaders in business, technology, data, experience design and research to drive transformation using new technologies and techniques.



Chase Kirsten

Senior Data Engineering Manager (NL)

Chase is an experienced Digital Transformation and Data Science leader with a demonstrated history of working on large scale projects and over a decade in the professional services industry.

He is skilled in Business Intelligence, Advanced Data Analysis and Project Management with strong business development and client relationship development skills and has proven to be an asset in motivating and leading high performance teams.

At NextWave Infinium, Chase is a Business Lead and Senior Manager in our Data practice. 



Andrea Greco

Senior Data Engineering Manager (IT)

With 6 years of Quantexa delivery experience working on Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering use cases, Andrea's two main areas of expertise are enabling decision intelligence for clients through the implementation of Quantexa's Fraud Detection Software (including tuning and customising solutions based on investigator feedback) and improving technical delivery quality.

At NextWave, Andrea is a director of NextWave Italia SRL and a senior data engineering manager for the Quantexa practice.



Aleksandra Kondracka

Senior Consultant Data Engineer (UK)

Aleksandra has excellent teamwork and problem-solving skills as well as a passion for computing and big data, having graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

She has been involved in several Quantexa implementations covering various use cases, ranging from trade-based AML and ticketing fraud, to customer intelligence.

At NextWave, Aleksandra is a Senior Data Consultant.



Riccardo Ladu

Senior Consultant Data Engineer (NL)

Riccardo is a data scientist with a passion for designing and developing end-to-end data products in order to solve business problems.

With experience in building and deploying data and machine learning models in the retail sector within a cross-functional team, he is always seeking opportunity to apply software development skills and best practices to automate solutions and solving problems.

At NextWave Infinium, Riccardo is a Senior Consultant Data Engineer.



Karlijn Willems

Senior Data Engineering Manager (IT)

With 5 years of Quantexa delivery experience working on Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering solutions, Karlijn specialises in designing and creating maintainable and scalable multi-use case Quantexa platforms together with technical client teams. She focuses on best practice implementation and aims at delivering self-sufficiency in the Quantexa AI stack.

At NextWave, Karlijn is a director of NextWave Italia SRL and a data engineering manager for the Quantexa practice.


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