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ALTERYX delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes that accelerate digital transformation.
The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform abstracts complexity so that anyone can independently develop their own paths to better decisions. Collectively, this improves analytics maturity and leads to higher value outcomes. Four proficiencies found by IDC Research necessary to realize the greatest ROI from analytics investments are perfectly aligned with the capabilities and services available in the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform.
With access to hundreds of data connectors, analysts and data engineers can quickly build pipelines that extract and load internal and external sources into targets such as Cloud data warehouses. Transforming data into a form suitable for analytics is just as easy.

Give all employees the power to turn data into insights.


How we partner with Alteryx

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We have been Alteryx Partners in both the UK and EMEA since 2021 and we have long standing relationships between our senior teams and the Alteryx senior leadership that stretch back many years. We not only deliver Alteryx projects, we have been buyers, sponsors and implementers of the platform and delivered many high impact business outcomes as employees of major financial institutions.

Highlights include: 
  • Supporting the decision, adoption and skills scale up for a FTSE250 Insurance company focused on automating existing spreadsheet environment to reduce cost, reduce time to outcome and reduce operational issues
  • Strong relationship with Alteryx technical and delivery teams from previous deliveries for fast-tracking client queries

ALTERYX projects:
  • Finance EUC elimination – understanding and migrating Excel based processes onto Alteryx for a FTSE250 Insurance company
  • IFRS17 cost allocation – analysis and build of a IFRS17 cost allocation engine in Alteryx with sub 1-minute execution time
  • Bordereau Processing – automation of manual processes to save both manual effort and reduce operational errors
  • Faster Close – automating the process for FX rate generation to remove ½ day from month end close

Own developed assets:
  • Design pattern best practice – common problems frequently seen in Excel to accelerate outcomes
  • Release pipeline – practical best practice for managing the control of deployment between environments
  • Alteryx Adoption – hands-on approach to best approach for both technical adoption of Alteryx and skills adoption

Case Studies

LIBOR transition: Automating LIBOR transition reporting with Alteryx

Digital & Transformation | Banks

Automated regulatory reporting solution for an international banking corporation

Digital & Automation | Banks

IFRS17 Cost Allocation Engine — implementing a robust cost allocation approach for IFRS17 in Alteryx 

Digital & Automation | Insurers

Insurance finance re-engineering: Addressing the operational risk of activities reliant upon Excel 

Digital & Automation | Insurers

Bordereau processing: Automating bordereau reconciliations and approvals

Digital & Automation | Insurers

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