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A transformation journey

The journey from complex heritage infrastructure to a connected digital business and systems architecture requires the orchestration of new capabilities and a new technology stack – across cloud, APIs, data & analytics, digital platforms, cyber tools and fintech integration.

Data-driven products and services must be built with the customer at the centre, leveraging across these technology components.

None of this will work without enabling agile working methods, tools and people programmes to establish a digital-first culture.


Transformational low code solutions for financial services operations

Our solutions offer new alternatives to the traditional software platforms that have been developed over many years to support financial service operations, and are now outdated and costly to maintain.

Our solutions can be delivered at pace, for a fraction of the cost, unchaining organisations from lengthy deployment time-frames and high maintenance costs.

We help our clients tackle the cost of technical legacy and debt.


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NextWave acceleration solutions

Contextual KYC

Working with Quantexa, Appian and Knights Analytics, we help our clients really understand their customers, ecosystems and supply chains. Make better lending decisions, faster, and understand portfolio contagion risk .





Working with Appian, we have crafted a next generation compliance management solution. It is designed to help large organisations tackle the multitude of compliance issues, alerts and workflows efficiently and in one place, by bringing generative AI together with process automation and data integration across all available enterprise data sources. Engaige has been built by combining deep compliance industry expertise with best-in-class low-code engineering, to create a feature-rich and scalable solution for global compliance functions.




Regulatory Horizon Scanner

Working with Knights Analytics, Appian & RequirementOne ,we have designed and developed an AI powered solution using structured, unstructured data and best in class workflow tooling.


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Model Risk Manager

Working with Appian, we have developed a cloud-based workflow solution to proactively control and administer an organisation’s entire model estate.




Well Being Manager

Working with Appian, we have developed a solution that supports employee safety and well-being during the COVID pandemic and beyond.




NextWave fintech partnerships

A focused partner ecosystem

We work with progressive financial services clients, technology platform and service partners who are at the forefront of making finance services more effective, agile and safe.​
Our technology partners are at, or beyond, the scale up stage and have been carefully selected based on best-in-class technology, client growth and values. Each of these companies is a leader in their field of analytics, automation or data.
We leverage our industry experience to help our fintech partners to focus their product offerings on maximising positive business outcomes.

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