Financial Markets

Our in-depth knowledge of financial markets positions us to drive change in the context of real business outcomes

Our expertise

Firms must tackle legacy cost bases and prioritise the shortest return on regulatory and investment projects like never before – leveraging assets intelligently, automating wherever possible and driving reuse and efficiency.  Our in-depth knowledge of financial markets positions us to drive change in the context of real business outcomes.

Our consulting team has deep experience in Financial Markets & Infrastructure,  building trading systems, deploying operations and using our acceleration technology to build solutions for the business. We have a deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of financial markets, from capital markets and investment banks to risk management and financial regulation. This enables us to provide our clients with strategic advice and solutions that are tailored to their unique needs and goals.





How have our financial markets clients accelerated their businesses?

Our clients have automated processes from weeks to minutes, accelerated solution development by 8-10 times and saved months from transformation timelines.


Entity stand-up of the financial markets business of a major UK bank in the Netherlands

Transformation | Financial Markets & Banks

Market Abuse Risk (MAR) surveillance

Regulatory & Compliance | Financial Markets & Banks

Gap analysis and control/remediation for conducting cross border business

Regulatory & Compliance | Financial Markets & Banks

Why NextWave?

Trusted industry experts

Transformational technology

Pre-built fintech solutions & blueprints

So why should you choose NextWave as your digital acceleration partner?

Designed by financial services professionals for financial services firms

Our engagements, methods and solutions are shaped by industry professionals with a focus on business impact.

We don't just complete the project or install the software, we transform your business.

We hit the ground running

We have packaged our methodologies and templates into NextWave Nexus, our dynamic playbook repository, for structured and repeatable delivery and best practices.

Our team has faced many of your challenges before – and delivered.

An inspirational team

Our team is built from the best dynamic new talent and seasoned professionals from across the financial services and technology sectors.

We are a values-led firm with our client's success at the forefront of everything we do.

Focus your strategy, set your plan and modernise your business

Our experts

Our team have decades of experience in financial markets, technology and data analysis and have a proven track record of  helping clients manage risk, identify new opportunities, and achieve their business objectives in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape.Their deep understanding of large scale organisational transformation will provide your business with innovative solutions that drive business growth. We partner with our clients to develop customised solutions that address their unique needs and goals and provide ongoing support to ensure success.

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Partner (UK)
Erik Rowbotham
Partner (NL)
Phil Sturmer
Partner (UK)
Sabrina Coenradi
Partner (NL)

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