Growth Companies

Working with growth companies, including those backed by private equity firms, to identify and generate new business growth opportunities.


Strategy development & execution for growth companies

We are a technology enabled digital acceleration consultancy that works with growth companies, including those backed by PE (Private Equity) firms to help them develop and implement strategies for growth, which enable them to achieve their business objectives

After understanding their goals, we use our expertise to advise growth companies on the best data and technology solutions for their business. We also enhance their operating models to get the most value out of their technology and data.

We understand how data and technology can be leveraged by growth companies to accelerate transformational change. Our growth clients have invested in a number of strategies that helped maximise the return on their investments.

We work by leveraging our technology partners and platforms to conduct a thorough analysis of the company's financials, operations, and growth potential. We also help private equity investors use technology to optimise their investments and accelerate financial returns. 




How have our growth clients accelerated their businesses?

We have helped our clients define and execute data and technology strategies which are enabling them to scale their businesses faster and deliver on their financial targets.


Operating model for a UK listed Commercial Road Transport (CRT) Group


Strategy | Growth Companies

Data and technology strategy for a UK insurance and technology group

Strategy | Insurers & Tech & Growth Companies

Data strategy for a global reinsurance business

Strategy | Insurers & Growth Companies

Why NextWave?

Trusted industry experts

Transformational technology

Pre-built fintech solutions & blueprints

So why should you choose NextWave as your digital acceleration partner?

Designed by financial services professionals for financial services firms

Our engagements, methods and solutions are shaped by industry professionals with a focus on business impact.

We don't just complete the project or install the software, we transform your business.

We hit the ground running

We have packaged our methodologies and templates into NextWave Nexus, our dynamic playbook repository, for structured and repeatable delivery and best practices.

Our team has faced many of your challenges before – and delivered.

An inspirational team

Our team is built from the best dynamic new talent and seasoned professionals from across the financial services and technology sectors.

We are a values-led firm with our client's success at the forefront of everything we do.

Focus your strategy, set your plan and modernise your business

Our experts

We have experience of working with growth companies, including those backed by PE firms.
We have developed strategies and roadmaps for growth companies and redesigned their operating models to enable them to achieve their business objectives.

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Partner (NL)

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