We are delighted to have participated in a Lexology Masterclass on the future of AI in financial services, delivered in collaboration with CMS.

In this webinar, Tony Clark, Founder and CEO of NextWave Consulting, and the CMS Regulatory experts, Tom CallabySarah Brook and Joy Davey offered practical insights into how financial institutions are navigating the AI landscape, looking at the challenges to regulating AI, how firms are approaching AI and how they can leverage existing technologies. The speakers delved into a range specific regulatory concerns for financial institutions, while also showcasing noteworthy AI use cases to provide concrete examples of successful integration and innovation. 

Many firms are already leveraging AI in platform technologies, such as chatbots for customer service, whilst also exploring multiple new Generative AI use cases across financial institutions including banks and wealth management firms. However, there is an enormous opportunity for innovation from outside the industry that we can adopt with the evolution of AI technology. How can institutions leverage new and developing frameworks, technologies and infrastructure, while navigating challenges along the way? 


In this webinar, you will : 

1. Explore the UK’s approach to AI regulation, contrasting it with US, EU and China strategies and identify the current challenges from diverse jurisdictional approaches.

2. Delve into regulatory concerns and challenges for financial institutions.

3. Gain insights into successful AI use cases, providing practical examples of integration and innovation.

4. Understand how financial institutions approach AI, evaluating readiness and discussing potential regulatory governance frameworks.

5. Examine the future of AI in finance, while we analyse trends, advancements, and the evolving regulatory landscape.


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Moving forward...

The biggest challenge for FS firms is knowing how to effectively leverage technology and data at pace to stay relevant and to get ahead.

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Maya Kokerov
Post by Maya Kokerov
March 6, 2024
Maya is NextWave's Digital Marketing Lead. She is a published journalist with two first-class degrees from Warwick and LSE. She has experience in copywriting, website design, pr and marketing across industries including fintech, agritech, nanotechnology and sustainability.