7th March 2024 
London, UK 
Press Release: NextWave Consulting and PortF win an Innovate UK grant, partnering to help financial institutions better manage, track and convert their commercial, ESG and impact data



We’re delighted to announce that NextWave Consulting and PortF have won a competitive award for funding from Innovate UK. This high-profile grant will enable NextWave to partner with PortF and deliver market-leading innovation for financial institutions. PortF’s AI-driven solution delivers transparency and automation of ESG, Impact, and Sustainability data for investors and their underlying assets.  

NextWave is ideally placed to support PortF and its clients with the implementation and broader transformation journey. NextWave will also provide strategic guidance to support PortF’s ambitions for rapid growth. 

Innovate UK is a Government Agency which provides money and support to businesses that accelerate innovation through cutting-edge digital and data technologies and build the high-growth business sectors of the future. They especially focus on companies that contribute to a clean, sustainable, and digital future, and provide a greater positive impact on the UK’s economy and society. NextWave and PortF represent ideal partners for these important ambitions. 

NextWave Consulting is a market-leading digital acceleration consultancy providing financial services and technology expertise. NextWave will support PortF to deliver client success with its portfolio management platform, which covers a wide range of customer use cases. These include: 

  • Streamlining private capital management 
  • Uniting commercial, ESG and impact modules for holistic analytics and reporting 
  • Creating impact-focused solutions for investors and portfolio companies 
  • Enabling investors to automatically track the sustainability metrics that matter to facilitate compliance and business success. 

 PortF joins a stable of leading FinTech solutions partnered with NextWave to deliver outstanding customer outcomes.  

Alex Lu, Founder and CEO of PortF, said “We are delighted to work with NextWave, a digital acceleration consultancy, with an aligned purpose of bringing clients practical solutions through technology, helping to reduce cost and deliver value.” 

Charles Rustin, CGO of NextWave Consulting, commented: “As Financial Institutions grapple with Sustainability data and increased focus on the ESG agenda, we are delighted that NextWave is collaborating with PortF to help clients take control of their ESG data to deliver accelerated value and success.” 


About NextWave 

NextWave Consulting is a Digital Acceleration Consultancy helping C-Suite and Senior Leadership deliver effective strategies to accelerate business growth, efficiency and value. With a unique blend of deep real-world Financial Services experience and exposure to the brightest emerging transformational FinTech and platform solutions, NextWave specialises in the rapid implementation of digital transformation, enabling clients to get ahead in a highly competitive marketplace. For more information, visit: www.nxwave.com. 

 General & Media enquiries: info@nxwave.co.uk 

 About PortF 

PortF is an innovative and market-leading platform that allows companies and investors to automatically track the metrics that matter, with sustainability at its core. For more information, visit https://www.portf.io/ 

 General & Media enquiries: contact@portf.io 

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Maya Kokerov
Post by Maya Kokerov
April 12, 2024
Maya is NextWave's Digital Marketing Lead. She is a published journalist with two first-class degrees from Warwick and LSE. She has experience in copywriting, website design, pr and marketing across industries including fintech, agritech, nanotechnology and sustainability.