Case Study

Review and recommendation – advisory role for a listed financial services company

Transformation | Fintech | London

The Background

  • NextWave worked with a listed financial products and services company that implements configurable lending suit of products to improve customer engagement, risk analysis and profitability optimization in  the credit life cycle 

  • NextWave was engaged by the global head of professional services to assess and advise on client projects that were ‘turning red’ 

The Challenge

  • The project overran schedule, budget and scope that exceeded the acceptable tolerance limit

  • Missing criteria by which the product or service delivered could be deemed successful

  • Absence of agreed process and eagerness to satisfy client

  • Lack of adherence to RACI matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed)

The Approach

  • Workshop to address concerns on the implemented solution

  • Demonstration of out-of-the-box product behaviour versus configuration versus additional development sought by client

  • Identified recurring themes and advised on plan to address, action and alleviate issues

  • Improved test strategy and execution with clarity on roles

  • Defined executable plan with options of possible recovery and early termination




The Impact

  • Achieved scope freeze

  • High level stakeholder’s visibility to assumptions and decisions

  • Agreed to disagree on high risk go-live plan and persuaded client for a plan B

  • Change in governance model – improved meetings and delivery of outcome

  • Positive feedback from global PS head and senior stakeholders

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