Empowering your organisation with actionable data for more informed decision-making

QUANTEXA is a global data and analytics software company that helps organisations make more informed operational decisions through meaningful data. 
The platform uses the latest big tech and AI to power Contextual Decision Intelligence, a new approach that uncovers hidden risks and reveals new opportunities by providing a holistic, connected view of internal and external data – all in one place.
These insights help companies solve major challenges across data management, KYC, customer intelligence, financial crime, risk, fraud and security throughout the customer lifecycle.

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How we partner with Quantexa

Our teams of certified Quantexa engineers and change professionals comprise thinkers, solution finders and problem solvers with deep experience in implementing Contextual Decision Intelligence outcomes.

We have operational centres in the UK and EMEA and are in the process of establishing our US operations in 2023.

Our Centre of Excellence (COE) embodies our values of passion, ambition, curiosity, innovation, integrity, collaboration, and fun. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and deliver exceptional results, all while fostering a collaborative and enjoyable environment.

Your ability to unify data is critical to addressing risk, identifying growth opportunities and general operational efficiency. Solutions that work with existing data environments and have a future-facing architecture need to be at the core of your strategic and operational agenda, allowing you to pivot quickly to meet evolving challenges and make properly informed decisions. We are confident that Quantexa can help you in your mission.



Highlights include: 
  • We work with Quantexa and major financial institutions across the UK and EMEA, using data to address real problems – many of which have a direct impact on people, society, and the environment

  • We understand Quantexa and have a strong relationship with the founders, technical, delivery, and Product R&D teams

Sample projects:
  • Markets AML – detecting Money Laundering activity and preventing money launderers from taking advantage of capital markets

  • Correspondent Banking AML – looking at transaction data to establish illicit flows

  • Trade Based AML – detecting risk in complex trade flows, revealing hidden risk in relationships

  • Fraud – looking at ‘delay repay’ scammers, and more general ticket fraud

Own developed assets:
  • Partnered with the NextWave Appian practice team to create the Quantexa/Appian integration solution – embedding Quantexa contextual search within an Appian Know Your Customer workflow with risk-based decisioning. 

Our ecosystem collaborations

NextWave celebrates an environment of Quantexa collaborations with our existing partners across our technology ecosystem.

Recently, we partnered with the NextWave Appian practice team to create the Quantexa/Appian integration solution – embedding Quantexa contextual search within an Appian Know Your Customer workflow with risk-based decisioning. 

Case Studies

Trade based money laundering

Data | Banks

Using Quantexa to understand your ESG exposure using network analytics

Data & Sustainable Finance | Tech

Trade anti-money laundering for a major Japanese investment bank

Data | Banks

Corresponding banking: Improving Transaction Monitoring Controls (TMC)

Data | Banks

Entity Resolution Health

Data | Banks

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