Workforce Safety And Well Being Manager

Smart automation for a safe return and ongoing vigilance, including vaccination insights and employee wellbeing

Workplace Well Being

We work with Appian to develop a wide variety of solutions for our financial services focussed clients.

In 2020, we worked together to develop an initial version of the Workforce Safety solution. This solution received a great response from both large and small organisations across the world that were struggling to achieve effective oversight on the health of their staff during the initial phases of the COVID pandemic.

As 2020 progressed, Appian built on the solution and many organisations configured the platform for their specific needs.

In 2021, Appian and NextWave took the decision to further enhance the Workforce Safety solution and add a new module focused on employee well-being and capacity management, so as to help organisations better engage and further understand the needs of their remote workforce.

Location management

The enhanced solution now includes additional modules that offer a number of benefits.

Workforce Well Being

  • Understand how your employees are really feeling
  • Connect with them via a daily check-in
  • Enable employees to check on their own well-being and health
  • Allow co-workers to offer praise
  • Alert management when a staff member is feeling unwell, or is struggling to cope when working remotely

Workforce & location management

  • Understand who is available to work and who is sick
  • Manage your workforce accordingly
  • Identify where some workers are being overloaded
  • Manage the capacity of your office premises
  • Assign and/or restrict access based on real-time capacity management

Key features

COVID Portal

COVID Portal

Safely manage a return to work

Well Being Por

Well Being Portal

Workforce Safety & Well Being

COVID Certificate

COVID Certificate

* Subject to privacy laws

Location Capacity Manager

Location Capacity Manager

Ensure safe location management

Praise A Co-Worker

Praise A Co-Worker

Recognise individual achievements

Daily Question

Daily Question

Help team members to reflect

Workload Capacity Manager

Workload Capacity Manager

Identify where team members are overworked

Combined with The workforce safety solution

The Appian Workforce Safety Solution

The Appian workforce safety solution enables companies to safely manage the employee transition to the new way of working.

Designed to give a head start to companies, and completely configurable for the local country and related privacy laws, the Appian Workforce Safety solution empowers organisations to support their staff and to comply with local rules and regulations in this challenging period.

Trusted by leading organization

A proven solution that is already being used by many Global organisations

Appian recognises how important it is to support large organisations that are trying to get their workforce back to work, as safely as possible.

The solution has a variety of features that enable an employee and employer to oversee the phased return to work in a controlled manner.

Interface with COVID apps, confirming vaccination status. (subject to local privacy laws)

A proven solution that is already being used by many Global organisations

How's life?

A life assessment, commonly used by professional life coaches, helps to consider each life area and whether there is an imbalance. It provides a helicopter view of an employee’s life and helps identify which areas may need attention.

After completing the assessment, an employee is asked to select an area they would like to improve, following, which he or she is asked to visualise and write up their ideal situation. In the weeks thereafter, follow-up questions are asked that help them to grow and progress and come closer to their ideal situation.

How's life? Health & fitness

The health and fitness survey is used as a quick scan of overall health, based on an employee self assessment, identifying which areas could be improved.

The survey allows employees to assess their well being and health, and provide insight into those areas that could be developed. After completing the assessment, the employee is asked to reflect and choose an area he or she wants to develop. On a weekly and bi-weekly basis, ‘coaching’ questions are asked to help reflection and progression in this specific area.


How's work?

A work focussed assessment helps both the employee and the manager to understand which area could be improved in order to boost work happiness and improve productivity. It provides a helicopter view of an employee’s work and indicates how they feel about each topic. It helps identify which areas may need attention. After completing the assessment, an employee is asked to select a topic they would like to improve, following which he or she is asked to visualise and write up their ideal end situation. The leader and employee use this information as input for their regular evaluation cycle.

How's work? Workplace satisfaction

A workplace satisfaction survey helps both the employee and the manager to understand which area could be improved in order to boost work happiness, engagement and productivity. The employee feels heard, boosting their happiness and encouraging a growth mindset. Other benefits include:

  • Allowing employees and manager to complete a 360 workplace happiness review
  • Obtaining insight on what can influence positive change and where to establish sustainable targets/goals
  • Providing insight into work areas that need attention
  • Supporting employees to grow
  • Boosting employee happiness and encourage a growth mindset

How's work? Workload Manager

A real-time dashboard provides oversight to management as to how they are distributing work over their teams, and to identify where individuals are being overloaded.

Identify system issues and quickly see where team members are struggling to cope. Take action fast so as to be able to offer support and to avoid the risk of burnout.

Re-allocate tasks and work and ensure a more even spread of activities. In the case of many team members being over-worked, use the metrics to build the case for a larger team.

Location capacity management

Guarantee a safe return to work for your staff.

Enable them to self-certify that they are fit to return to work. Allocate seating across multiple locations. Ensure the correct level of social distancing, whilst still enabling people to work together and spend time in the office.

Keep an online record of who is visiting which location. Control access with a special access pass, that can be issued on-line, be printed off at home, and then used to access a specific building. Demonstrate compliance to regulators or other governing bodies.


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