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People Focused

Delivering with a human-centric approach


True ambassadors of change are individuals that are able to guide their people through obstacles and ensure employees are heard, seen, and supported

Senior Fire Power

We are one of very few firms who can field proven industry practitioners alongside next-generation transformational technology and talent.

Our leadership team are senior Financial Service experts (typically MD / C level) who bring real-world experience to bear for rapid diagnostic, problem-solving & complex programme engagements.

Ways Of Working

We focus on creating a forward-thinking culture that fosters continuous improvement and innovation for our clients. This includes:

  • High performing teams – promoting new ways of working (Agile & remote working)
  • Training staff (in new technologies and behavioural dynamics)
  • Overcoming organisational resistance/cohesion strategies
  • Active leadership coaching

Next Generation Talent

We are investing in new talent in our engineering and consulting teams, building diverse and multicultural teams in the UK and Europe.

Social impact is a key part of the NextWave proposition partnering with established social and sustainability enterprises.