Case Study

Unstructured data: ESG news scanner

Sustainable Finance | Tech | Amsterdam

The Background

  • One of our technology partners required support to help them build a solution to source unstructured data, from multiple data sources, with a specific focus on ESG

  • The client focused solution is designed to provide insight on key news and other events, supporting clients across a number of use cases

The Challenge

  • Sourcing, compiling and making sense of unstructured data (images, text, voice) is a challenging activity

  • As such clients tend to overlook the use of unstructured data when supporting their decision making


The Approach

  • Our team helped identify a number of suitable pilot companies for the data sourcing activity

  • The team then sourced the data and built a number of specific adaptors/connectors so that data could be sourced, formatted and ingested into the purpose built engine

  • AI and Machine Learning were then applied to the data, producing useful insights and information

  • Our digital team then built an Appian wrapper around the solution, integrating workflow and decision making intelligence, to enable the data to be used across the organisation and with multiple teams

The Impact

  • A set of adaptors to support the sourcing, formatting and ingestion of unstructured data

  • Output on three specific clients, with a focus on ESG

  • Information to support use cases that include that ability to identify; ESG led credit risk, supply chain risk, PE investment risk and whitewashing risk

  • An Appian workflow solution supporting the use of the data across the organisation

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