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Automating bank-wide climate reporting disclosures

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The Background

  • Top-tier UK bank required to collect, review and challenge climate lending submissions from each division and roll up for year/quarter end market disclosures

  • Submissions for each division follow a bespoke process tailored to the underlying business and requiring review and challenge at division level before submission

  • Group level collation, review and challenge with approvals and the ability to reject a division submission or raise a query

The Challenge

  • The existing process was extremely manual and driven through Excel and Outlook to perform the submissions and provide the audit trails of approval​

  • Prior audit points in the process had committed to an automation of the reporting process but no progress had been made with 8 weeks left to run​

  • Evolution and refinement of the process each quarter meant organisational resistance to any fixed workflow requiring IT input to change​

  • Queries could be raised to anyone in the organisation and not just the core users of the system​

  • Gaining a current status of the submissions was a manually intensive task of contacting all those involved, including any outstanding queries

The Approach

  • NextWave proposed an Appian based solution of a roll-up from each division to group level, where each division could define the tasks, owners and order before a final approval sign-off submission
  • The solution proposal allowed for the same flexibility at Group level allowing for a review and challenge and rejection (with reason capture) back to any point in the divisions
  • The solution also allowed for the raising of any queries from within the Appian platform, ensuring any communication and challenge was both audited and linked to the tasks driving the queries
  • NextWave ensured that the solution was scoped for the generic submission/review/challenge pattern, so the same solution could be deployed for other reporting requirements without code changes

The Impact

  • Solution delivered within the 8-week timeframe for initial business roll-out for first quarter end​

  • Realtime dashboard of progress, blockers and queries for senior management to proactively drive the process with full audit trail of submissions and queries​

  • User focus and time spend pivoted from running the process to understanding and challenging the submissions​

  • Continuous improvement of the process, with process owners driving their own changes​

  • Scaled up benefit across other similar processes with no additional IT investment

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