Case Study

Bordereau processing: Automating bordereau reconciliations and approvals 

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The Background

  • Historic process entirely driven off Excel, which had evolved as the organisation had grown

  • Reconciliation between various input data sources entirely manual within excel using filters and macros

  • All data moved around the process by manual actions and cut/paste of rows

The Challenge

  • Volume of bordereau lines causing the overall reconciliation to take in excess of 3 days and then any breaks to be followed up

  • Due to time taken to execute then breaks would be rolled over to the following month to see if cleared

  • Flexibility of the reconciliation with different rules depending on the line types meant that existing reconciliation tools were not able to do the job

  • No KPI or state tracking to pick up long running lines or lines on hold excessively

The Approach

  • One of our Alteryx Designer Certified consultants spent 2 weeks with the existing team to document their reconciliation, including all of the exception cases, to build a design for an Alteryx process map

  • The process was then built over the following 2 weeks within Alteryx including exception logging and data quality checks

  • The consultant then spent a month end run with the team working in parallel where the business team identified further checks and controls that could be implemented (which were not possible to do manually)

The Impact

  • Three day execution time of reconciliation reduced to 60 seconds

  • Overall time saving of 9 person days effort a month attributed to the automation

  • Ability to iterate and re-run the reconciliation multiple times each month, improving the overall customer experience and control environment

  • Ability of the team to focus on root-cause problem solving rather than generating the reconciliation

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