Case Study

Using decision intelligence to identify prospective customers 

Data | Banks | London

The Background

  • A large global investment bank sought to identify new business opportunities across its group businesses to drive significant revenue growth by leveraging the scale and relationships of its wholesale banking business

  • Having already successfully deployed the Quantexa solution for several risk-related use cases, the bank saw an opportunity to further utilize the solution's decision intelligence capability to drive business growth

The Challenge

  • Creating a unified view of entities across business lines, and a resulting connected hierarchy view of ‘unbanked’ Parent and Subsidiary relationships

  • Creating a view of company connections and individual-to-corporate connections

The Approach

  • Leverage the bank’s existing Quantexa solution platform

  • Provision of a Quantexa, NextWave, and client team (team of 12)

  • Solution Design, Scope, and Delivery Planning

  • Delivery of new scores using the new Quantexa ’Assess Scoring Framework’

  • The solution approach required Data Sourcing and Ingestion, Entity Network Resolution Generation, Graph Script, Scoring, Task Loading and Re-alerting

The Impact

  • Deployed to production, a significant number of client and non-client prospective connections and referral points were identified

  • The newly created scores are reusable to support other use-case solutions


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