Case Study

Big data engineering

Data | Banks | London

The Background

  • The client is a regulated business that operates across multiple jurisdictions
  • Many projects have not followed standard data architecture patterns or standard software engineering principles
  • The bank urgently required hands-on Engineering Leadership to establish and drive how to leverage big data technologies effectively, consistently and efficiently in order to accelerate solution development, reduce vendor lock-in and reduce costs

The Challenge

  • Many of the existing processes relating to data were very manual and therefore would have become increasingly expensive as the business continued to grow
  • The organisation had experienced some significant issues with its technology platforms and whilst it had stabilised its systems, it hadn’t invested significantly in new technologies or tools
  • The organisation structure was still evolving. Greater clarity was required around the roles and responsibilities within different parts of the business

The Approach

  • Established a design authority to define & govern all the architecture patterns being used for upcoming projects, and migrating disparate practices and architectures to the standards

  • Built solutions on open source tools as replacements for vendor solutions

  • Acceleration of adoption of containerisation technologies like Kubernetes and Docker to build services that are not locked/tied into one another

  • The leadership of an initiative to open source the bank’s projects including engagement with Apache Software Foundation and open source projects

The Impact

  • Reduced production issues leading to reduction in production support costs

  • Open source cost benefits and clearer focus on business value generation rather than spending time on aligning business goals with vendor product roadmaps

  • Accelerated solutions development and preparation for cloud migration

  • Brand visibility as a technology focused bank, creating crowdsourced contribution opportunities and attracting talent

  • Vendor savings of $5m and efficiency gains of 20-30%

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