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Entity Resolution Health

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The Background

  • Client Profile: A prominent UK-based bank, renowned for its comprehensive financial services and commitment to regulatory compliance, especially in its Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

  • Initial Context: The bank was facing significant challenges with its entity resolution mechanisms within KYC. These issues not only impacted operational efficiency but also posed risks in compliance and customer service quality.

The Challenge

  • Key Issues: The bank struggled with inaccuracies in entity identification, leading to potential compliance risks and inefficiencies. The existing framework lacked the scalability and agility needed in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

  • Risks and Implications: Ineffective entity resolution could result in regulatory non-compliance, potential financial penalties, and damage to the bank’s reputation.

The Approach

  • Project Inception: Collaboration began with a maturity assessment of the bank’s existing Entity Resolution processes. Our team worked closely with the bank to understand their specific needs and risk appetite.

  • Bespoke Solution Development:

    • Dashboard Implementation: Creation of an intuitive dashboard to provide real-time metrics and insights, enhancing decision-making across the KYC team.

    • Framework Design: Development of a customised entity resolution framework, incorporating advanced analytics for improved accuracy and efficiency.

  • Delivery and Integration: The solution was integrated seamlessly into the bank’s existing systems, with comprehensive training provided to ensure smooth adoption by the KYC team.

  • Testing and Refinement: Rigorous testing phases were conducted to ensure the framework met all requirements, with iterative refinements based on feedback.

The Impact

  • Immediate Improvements: Post-implementation, the bank observed a significant enhancement in entity resolution accuracy and operational efficiency.

  • Resolution of Key Issues: Over 15 major issues in the entity resolution process were successfully identified and remediated, demonstrating the practical effectiveness of the new framework.

  • Long-Term Benefits: The bespoke solution not only resolved immediate challenges but also equipped the bank with a scalable and adaptable framework for future KYC challenges.


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