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Maturity Assessments

Bench mark your organisation against the market


Maturity Assessments

Are you looking for that extra insight as to how you are progressing versus your peers? Are you considering a new technology-led investment, but are concerned that your decision may not be aligned with the wider trends in the market? Are you worried that your organisation is not as operationally resilient as it could be, and are you looking for ideas and perspectives to help you accelerate your thinking?

We work with some of the world’s largest financial organisations, and have designed and developed a number of focused solutions that help our clients assess their organisations maturity, be it in digital or in operational and organisational resilience.

1. Digital Maturity and Operational Resilience

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Digital Maturity Assessment

The NextWave Digital Maturity assessment is an online benchmark (60 questions, 45 minutes) that will help you accurately assess mutliple dimensions of your business.

NB. If you wish us to conduct the survey as a facilitated benchmarking session with you or your team (workshop based, in person/remote) then please let us know using the submission form and we will contact you to make arrangements.

Upon completion we will send you a custom-built report, which will provide you with a set of maturity scores based on the NextWave Digital Maturity expert model and which will also include a set of recommendations and next steps. We will be happy to offer a post-survey review and walk through with you to better understand your assessment report findings, comparisons to market and the associated recommendations.

2. Identify problems with your organisations resilience, fast

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 Risk. Resilience. Integrity

Firms and organisations are grappling with how to implement measures for Operational Resilience – the ability to withstand and recover from security and operational events.

The market for cyber security, defence and monitoring is very product-centric, with little regard for a joined-up approach that pulls in all the elements of resilience from immediate threat assessment to protective measures and recovery processes. The tooling provides companies and organisations with a specific assessment of their vulnerability and potential for economic loss using the ORBITT model.

The assessment is conducted across the entire spectrum of risk factors from network monitoring to physical security.  The output highlights areas of vulnerability and recommends, in each case, a course of action to achieve a pre-set target level for operational resilience or a strategy to enact one to recognise and protect what is valuable.


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