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The NextWave of solutions


Contextual KYC

We have worked with Quantexa and Appian to develop a workflow led KYC solution that adds real context to the KYC process. The solution:

  • Considers the entire customer network and provides context in helping our clients make an informed risk-based decision.
  • Continuously and dynamically monitors all sources of customer data for changes and risk events, allowing you to have a constantly updated KYC and risk profile for each customer and move away from periodic reviews.

Horizon Scanner

We have worked with Appian and RequirementONE to develop a workflow led Horizon scanning app.

  • Scan billions of records and receive near real-time market intelligence and regulatory updates.
  • Scan in 26 different languages, and converts the text back into a base language.
  • Deploy the solution centrally and across subsidiary and branch networks, ensuring a consistent way of tracking and dealing with regulation and Non-Financial Risk.

Model Risk Manager

We have worked with Appian to develop a unique proposition that is focused on recording and maintaining risk models, ensuring that any changes made to the models are recorded and fully documented.

The solution helps our clients evidence complete control of their models to their regulators, evidencing changes, the reasons for those changes and any related impact.