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The drive to digital is accelerating and technology holds the key


We connect the wisdom of experience with the talent of tomorrow, to build new business solutions with market-leading ‘new stack’ technologies – faster, cheaper, better…

Strategy & Innovation

Applying the latest methods and technology to accelerate the delivery of solutions to our clients’ most pressing problems.


New and niche Financial Services engineering delivery at pace (Data / Digital / Cyber), with an understanding that integration with new technologies can be more complex than ‘plug and play’.

Programme Delivery

Programme and Project Management; with a focus on applying new techniques and approaches to add immediate business value.


We are leading the market with formulating cross-platform solutions to Financial Services business challenges, leveraging the most transformational technologies.

We are focused on designing, developing and delivering solutions with a focus on Risk Management, Regulation, Operational excellence and improving the Client experience.

We have designed and built solutions that are focused on Contextual KYC (Know Your Client), Finance (Future of Finance) and Model Management. We are able to deliver working solutions within an 8 week time-frame, much faster than with a traditional waterfall delivery model. Our solutions can also be adapted as the business develops, significantly reducing maintenance costs.


The new market requires a customer-centric consulting approach free of legacy structures and traditional models, which can effectively leverage the FinTech eco-system.

Our alliance eco-system includes best in class platform partners and the latest technologies.

You can read more about Our Partners and understand what they offer on our Partners page.



Specialist Technology Teams

We have specialist engineering practices in Data, Digital and Cyber technologies, coupled with an alliance network to enable global engagement on execution programmes at scale.

We have a trained and certified delivery capability in the following market-leading platforms:

  • Quantexa: Enterprise-scale contextual data intelligence platform.
  • Appian:  Digital low code full-stack automation
  • Panaseer: Continuous cyber controls monitoring
  • RequirementOne: Regulatory Compliance



Learn more about our Partners, Solutions and how we work with our clients