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Power up your innovation


Introducing Synthesized

Synthesized enables best data practices with AI-powered data products, 100% eliminating compliance risks. Powered by cutting-edge AI, the platform is a comprehensive solution to the problem of data provisioning and data curation. 

It provides the fastest self-service data access to break data silos and enable development and testing of all data-driven initiatives in a compliant manner within an organisation and with 3rd parties by means of data clean rooms.

Synthesized creates the most accurate synthetic data assets at scale compared to any other platform tool or technique, enabling customers to accelerate data projects without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.

We work with Synthesized to help our clients turbocharge their innovation initiatives in a safe, compliant and secure way.

Faster Data Access

Digital and new innovation-led programs are struggling to accelerate as they cannot get access to large data sets, quickly. Reduce lead time from weeks and months to minutes while remaining compliant. Turbocharge innovation.

Data Privacy

Testing and innovating with live, client data present privacy and security risks to our clients. Synthesized data retains the core characteristics of production data but enables our clients to test and develop with no risk of data leakage and with zero privacy concerns.


Data Compliance

One of the major challenges with sourcing large data sets when testing and innovating is ensuring compliance and retaining control of the data. With synthesized data, 100% of compliance risks are eradicated. Now you can access high-volume representative datasets in minutes, staying compliant with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA.


Data Bias

Bias exists in all areas of society, and data is not immune. Data bias can be introduced by the people who create the data and by those that analyse it. Quite often the inherent bias and the impact of using the data is only identified late.

Detect early and remediate data bias with Synthesized data assets whilst improving testing outcomes and accuracy.


Data Augmentation

Testing at scale represents a real challenge for financial institutions. Not only are large volumes of data usually spread across multiple systems, hard to access, the larger the data set, the greater the privacy and compliance issues. 

The Synthesized platform is proven to produce within minutes, massive high-quality synthesized data sets that have the same characteristics, signals, attributes and ranges of the original data without exposing it.



Train Machine Learning Models

We can help our clients generate large data sets to test different scenarios and models, continuously.

Synthesized allows data set characteristics to be adjusted in near real-time and accelerates the pace at which machine learning, data-hungry, models can learn.