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The future of data lineage


A simple, intuitive and flexible web-based application allows organisations to rapidly discover, visualise and understand how data flows through their systems. 

Whether used to demonstrate regulatory lineage, improve governance, assist with transformational change or reduce inefficiencies in data handling, Solidatus is uniquely engineered to build end-to-end data models more efficiently and effectively.

Data Catalogue. Evolved

Solidatus is the next generation industry-leading Data Catalog

The Solidatus Data Catalogue is a fully integrated, feature-rich, intuitively designed, machine learning (ML) assisted catalog that helps organisations rapidly discover, document, analyse and share their most valuable asset – their data.

Solidatus enables the creation, management and socialisation of:

  • Asset Inventories
  • Business Glossaries
  • Policies and Standards
  • Other taxonomies
  • Technical Data Dictionaries


Data Lineage. Visualised

Data lineage is commonly referred to as the journey data takes as it flows through an organisation. For many people, data lineage either represents low-level attribute lineage or high-level systems lineage. Solidatus considers lineage to be the visual representation of anything that is connected, whether that be low-level attribute data lineage, high-level systems data lineage, process or any other business connectivity.

Being able to follow a piece of data from start to finish, allows organisations to understand where it has come from and where it ends up. This information is vital for organisations to comply with regulatory requirements surrounding data protection.




Regulatory Lineage

Since 2008 the world has seen a marked upshift in regulation across many sectors. This has, in turn, put a great deal of stress on the financial services industry, with vast sums of money and intellectual capital being spent struggling to keep up. Some companies have been fined, others are expecting to be, but in all cases, the money spent on fulfilling these requirements has been drained from other parts of their respective organisations.

Solidatus is a key part of the solution, knitting and consolidating the data economy to collaborate, take care of critical data elements and to free up time.