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Technology Partners

We work with our multi-award-winning technology partners to design, build and deliver outstanding business results, faster


Financial Service firms must leverage technology to compete at pace

Every business is digitising – how do firms identify & effectively orchestrate ‘future stack’ business solutions for client & competitive advantage?

New FinTech approaches are driving the need for a new Consultancy model

The new market requires a customer-centric consulting approach free of legacy structures and traditional models, which can effectively leverage the FinTech ecosystem.

Our Technology Partners

Appian is a recognized global leader in multiple enterprise technology markets. Markets called intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS), dynamic case management (DCM), digital process automation (DPA), and low-code development.

How We Work With Appian

We are the 2020 and 2021 Appian Innovation Award winners. We work with Appian and other technology partners to develop new solutions, at pace and at low cost for our banking clients.  Using an Agile approach, we aim to deliver real value to clients within 12 weeks.

Low code software development

  • Digital strategy
  • Appian delivery team reviews
  • Digital engineering and delivery expertise
  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • Bespoke solution design and development
  • Robotic Process Management (RPA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Intelligent document processing

When Quantexa was founded, hundreds of data-intensive organizations around the world were facing up to the same challenges, they couldn’t close the gap between all the data they were accumulating and the millions of mission critical decisions their organization needed to make every year.

Today, 5 years on, Quantexa are helping organizations across bankinginsurance, the public sector, and beyond to change the way they make millions of operational decisions every year.

Contextual Decision Intelligence

Where we focus with Quantexa.

  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Know Your Client (KYC)
  • Credit Risk
  • Counterparty Fraud
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Loan Fraud (COVID related)
  • Master Data Management

Quantexa have won numerous awards since the company was founded in 2016. These include, amongst others, winning the Enterprise Award and the Best New Fintech Award.

Quantexa have won numerous awards since the company was founded in 2016. These include, amongst others, winning the Enterprise Award and the Best New Fintech Award.

RequirementONE is an apps-based platform focused on helping our clients collaborately manage regulatory change and their Non Financial Risks.  

From Horizon Scanning to Requirements Management and publishing regulatory updates, organisation-wide, RequirementONE enables our clients to really be on top of regulation and to be able to effectively demonstrate compliance to Regulators, quickly and with the minimum of work.


Manage Your Non-Financial Risks

How we work with RequirementONE.

  • Regulatory Horizon Scanning
  • Compliance Management
  • Change Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Regulatory Communications
  • Regulatory Publisher

Next generation data management

Solidatus empowers organisations to effectively map, manage and monetize their key asset – data.  Businesses across the world are dealing with complex data points and the lineage-first approach championed by Solidatus is transforming the data management industry.

Clients including top-tier global financial, pharmaceutical and retail firms are using the software to visualize and understand their data estate, taking advantage of the ability to track data through their enterprise to drive business intelligence, digital transformation and regulatory compliance.

Transform your data ecosystem

Transparency creates understanding. Solidatus rapidly delivers a trusted 360 view of an organization’s data flows, enabling insightful, sustainable and impactful data management.

An easy-to-use, cloud-native, revolutionary data management platform, Solidatus provides transparency, accountability and understanding for complex data-enabled organisations.

Bring clarity and collaboration to your organisation

Solidatus breaks down the silos of understanding data across an enterprise, from the departmental down to the key man level.

Uniquely, it combines visualization of lineage with the metadata that describes the data in motion, providing comprehension and consistency of understanding across the entire organisation.



Transform the way you work with regulation with Kaizen’s multi-award winning RegTech solutions

 Kaizen Reporting’s mission is to make working with regulation easier for clients and the industry, whether it’s researching and tracking rules or improving the quality of regulatory reporting.

ReportShield™- Assurance Services for Regulatory Reporting

Today, more than 150 clients globally use Kaizen Reporting’s ReportShield™ quality assurance services to improve the accuracy, completeness and timelinessof their regulatory reporting whether it’s MiFID, EMIR, SFTR CFTC, or another G20 regulation.

Shareholding Disclosure Service – to comply with global disclosure rules

Designed by compliance experts, Kaizen’s automated monitoring compliance management software simplifies the complexities of shareholding disclosure for faster, simpler, more accurate work.

Single Rulebook – regulation on one digital platform

Kaizen’s software solution for regulatory change management, Single Rulebook, is designed to help clients search, share and manage regulatory rules on one digital platform.

How We Work With Kaizen

We provide regulatory expertise, in-depth business knowledge and project management skills to support our clients when they deploy Kaizen’s quality assurance and RegTech services.


Continuous Controls Monitoring

  • Inventory Analysis
  • Security Control Coverage Gaps
  • SLA’s and KPI Tracking
  • Prioritisation and diagnostic analysis
  • Standards and framework alignment
  • Regulatory compliance

Synthetic data. Turbo charge innovation. Eliminate compliance risks



The Synthesized platform provides fast self-service data access that helps break data silos and enables the development and testing of all data-driven initiatives in a compliant manner within an organisation and with 3rd parties by means of data clean rooms.

What we achieve with our clients by working with Synthesized:

  • Accelerated data-led innovation
  • Guaranteed data privacy
  • Data compliance
  • Removal of data bias
  • The building large data sets/data augmentation, fast
  • Improved Machine Learning models

The Company Powering Analytics Automation

Alteryx enables everyone to deliver breakthrough outcomes with analytics automation.

Breakthroughs don’t just happen. They come from people dedicated to finding answers that drive change. Alteryx signature ease of use and low-code, no-code technology gives your team everything they need to start solving your organisation’s toughest questions.

Regulation As A Service

  • Regulation As a Service (RAAS)
  • Open-source format (FIRE standard)
  • Predefined, market standard taxonomy
  • Regular template updates per jurisdiction
  • A cost-effective way of dealing with regulatory reporting across multiple locations

Activate Your Data

Today’s companies have more data available to them than ever before. Yet 67% of businesses are still not comfortable accessing or using data, while 63% are aware of the importance of analytics but don’t have the necessary infrastructure, or are still working within silos and struggle to gain insights from their unstructured data.

Against this backdrop, companies invest more than $30 billion per year on data – an investment that is completely under-leveraged.

Gaining relevant insights and accessing valuable information is a cumbersome and time-consuming process, leaving many employees unsatisfied.

As The Economist stated, companies typically only use 1% of their data. Are you ready to activate the untapped 99%?

Process Mining

  • Automation & RPA
  • Digital innovation
  • System migration
  • Process improvement & lean
  • Low code accelerator

Genesis is the only No-Code platform native to Financial Markets.

As financial institutions strive to out-innovate the competition, they’re seeking new ways of accelerating product development—while managing pressured IT budgets, stretched resources and legacy technology.

Genesis enables financial market organizations to innovate at speed through a low-code platform that supercharges developers to build resilient, performant and secure applications with unmatched efficiency and scale. Genesis provides freedom from legacy and replaces the buy vs. build challenge with a buy-to-build solution.

Whether you’re looking to extend the capabilities of legacy applications or build brand new apps or platforms, Genesis supercharges developers with reusable components, dev tools, and documentation. Built with modern technologies, including cloud platforms, APIs, and open source in addition to event-driven architecture that supports real-time, mission-critical applications that work across the complete software development lifecycle with full-featured framework and tools.

The Genesis low-code platform uses highly composable and customizable components—empowering financial markets development teams to accelerate innovation today while scaling for tomorrow.


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