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Logical Construct

Documents. Data. Done


Logical Construct And Lyncs

The world’s only platform designed from inception for accurately extracting data from any scanned financial services contractual document.

Lyncs is offered as a complete service, combining our automated data collection technology, domain expertise and rigorous capture, review and quality assurance to provide our clients with certainty of outcome. The service can scale from small engagements with clients looking for a turn-key solution, through to enterprise-wide installations. Many solutions available on the market offer only a subset of any clients needs; we can cover them all. The platform can be used to view your one-off, but highly important documents alongside your high volume industry standard agreements.

Accurate And Auditable

Convert documents into usable data 

A purpose-built data extraction platform capable of processing any document.

Accurate and Auditable
Unique validation and data capture features along with side by side data linkage provide trusted data.


Consumable data can be analyzed using beautiful, interactive reports, or clients can overlay business intelligence tools on the reporting database for complete flexibility.



Rich Integration

A purpose-built Application Programming interface provides simple but powerful integration, alongside schedule data exports.


Think of a world where you have a structured data interface into all your documents. Where you can find the documents you need and the data they contain, on-demand. No more filling out spreadsheets to tell you whether a document contains a particular data point. No more printing documents and highlighting what you need. No more duplication of effort, or blindly using inaccurate information. Just usable, reportable, integrated, trusted data.

Welcome to Lyncs.