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Lean. Optimised

We combine Lean with deep industry expertise and the latest Agile focused technology


We combine the best technologies with an industry-standard approach (DMAIC) to ensure data can be prepared, gathered and recorded quickly.  We then use this data to generate solutions, dramatically reducing the design, development and delivery phases, with ROI typically within 6 months.

The approach is substantially different from typical Lean projects, as it replaces a lengthy waterfall approach, with real-time application development, that is built on the data and processes captured. It brings the process and data to life.

We refer to this as ”changing the engine whilst in mid-flight”

Execute: Extensive experience in delivering Lean initiatives

Business Process Management Suite

In the digital economy, there’s constant pressure to do more and cut costs…right now.

Take advantage of the power of modern business process management.

We combine in-depth industry expertise In conjunction with a Lean approach and Appian BPM to help our clients design, execute, manage and optimise processes — all with the Appian low-code automation platform.


Create process-based solutions at the same time as you record the business processes.

Model Processes
Build processes for apps with BPMN-inspired tools with low-code drag-and-drop functionality. Then, store process models for even faster design next time.

Apply Business Rules
Define critical policies and procedures and set them up for replicated success.

Adapt to Complex Events
Track, analyse, and adapt to market demands, business events, regulatory changes, and anything else that may come your way.

Embed Process in Your Apps
Rapidly create task forms and dashboards and include them in easy-to-build, easy-to-use user interfaces.


Make your processes come to life…fast.

Instant Deployment
Click it and get your ticket to results. Immediately deploy applications as soon as the design is complete.

Faster Integration
Pre-built connectors and easy-to-configure APIs result in faster integration than you expected.

Automatically Mobile
Built-in enterprise mobility delivers responsive, mobile user experiences with no extra work. Create apps that work on any device, natively with no extra time or effort.

Secure and Scalable
Extensive security certifications combined with un-rivalled scalability. You feel confident the second it’s deployed.


Keep your applications running and continually meet your goals.

Management Tools
Monitor in-flight processes, re-assign tasks and view performance with real-time process management.

Task Management
Increase worker efficiency and reduce costs with task management capabilities that drive repeated and successful action.

Skills-based Routing
Get the right worker the right task to maximize talent and speed the right action.

Real-time Visibility
Get granular analytics on process and task progress in real-time for proactive awareness.



Automate everything…even continuous improvement.

Continuous Process Improvement
Constantly evolve business performance.

Aggregated Process History Analysis
Proactively identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and address them before they happen.

Predictive Analytics
Apply past performance and burgeoning trends to create self-optimising processes.

Dynamic Reporting
Get real-time visibility into business operations.