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(Really) Know Your Customer

Transform your KYC processes with context


Real-Time Analysis With Context

From on-boarding to refreshes and remediation, Know Your Customer tasks involve significant manual effort and are costly and time-consuming.

The solution we have developed with our best-in-class partners, Appian and Quantexa, means you can create context, automate checks and implement continuous monitoring to help really understand your clients and to focus your teams on quick and accurate decision making.

Reduce the need for large-scale teams and manual and repetitive work. Cut costs and free up your teams so they can add real value to your business.

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The current, highly manual and static approach to managing KYC, which has been adopted by many financial institutions, results in numerous challenges.

Reliance on a single snapshot

KYC reviews collect static, time-limited data, reducing what you know about a customer to a specific snapshot in time, resulting in missed risk between KYC reviews.


Highly manual processes run up huge costs

Manual onboarding, refresh and remediation processes require big teams, driving up the cost of compliance and resulting in poor customer experience.

AML Investigations

KYC regulations increasingly require you to understand even more about your customers and the context in which they operate. Current approaches provide real data access challenges, as data is paper based.

Our approach reduces operational cost whilst improving control

  • The move to risk-based scoring and prioritisation will significantly reduce the need for routine reviews of customers.
  • Remove the non-value-add reviews whilst putting extra focus on the high-risk areas and reducing the overall effort.
  • Streamline operations with automatically populated data from public sources rather than time spent re-keying.
  • Achieve quick return-on-investment cases through rapid roll-out of the automation and risk-based capability.

Connect your data to create a single customer view

Connect internal and external data sources—like KYC profiles, corporate registry data and transactions—to create a single customer view and understand a customer’s risk, even before onboarding.

Highlight new or changing risk levels

Use dynamic network generation to automatically highlight emerging or changing risks associated with your customer, then reassess the customer risk score in real-time.

Calculate the potential costs savings when using Quantexa for your periodic KYC re-fresh activities

of profiles automatically populated

Scale to billions of data records