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Discover the power of low code automation


The only recognized triple crown leader in automation, low-code, and case management.

Appian natively unites all the capabilities required to deliver high impact, end-to-end processes across an organisation. We work with our clients to build more powerful apps, dramatically increase productivity and significantly reduce costs.

Institutional On-Boarding

Accelerate time to value. Streamline end-to-end onboarding. Provide business users with unprecedented visibility and control. Reveal hidden risks and detect criminal activity faster. Reduce false positives to manage the cost of compliance. Improve investigations to make faster and more consistent decisions at scale.

Customer Journey

Provide seamless customer experience at every touchpoint to earn the greatest of customer rewards – brand loyalty. With Appian, you can build unique applications that enable a unified customer view across multiple systems, product lines, and channels.


New Business

Streamline product launch, campaign management, and deal initiation.

With Appian you can quickly design and build the complete process, recording progress at each step of the way.


Corporate Lending

Drive efficiency in loan management, syndication, and other specialised lending programs.


Operational Effectiveness

Raise productivity and efficiency for a specific line of business or within a shared operational unit.

Optimise end of day and month-end processes, streamline processes and workflow. Dramatically reduce costs.



Manage Operational Risk More Effectively

Improve process agility while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk.